Product Lines Represented by Hobbs Tank & Equipment, Inc.

Brawn™ Mixer, Inc.:

Tank Mixers & Agitators.  Portable ¼ HP Mixer Through 100 HP Agitators.
316 SS, 304 SS & Carbon Steel Mixer Construction.
Plate, Cup Plate, Clamp or Flange Mount.
Mechanical Seals & Stuffing Boxes for Sealed Tank Applications.
Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel Custom Lift Stands.

Delta Composites, LLC:
Safe-T-Grate, Inc.:

Fiberglass Molded & Pultruded Grating, Channel, Beams, Stair Treads, Catwalks, Platforms, Handrail, Ladders & 316 SS Clip Assemblies.
Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel Welded or Pressed Locked Grating & Stair Treads in Plain, Primer, Painted or Stainless Steel Finishes.

Forest Air, Inc.:

Engineered Scrubber Systems Constructed of FRP, PVC, Polypropylene & Alloy Metals.  Portable Scrubber & Custom Scrubber Systems.
Removal of Odors, Fumes, Gases & Particulate.
Quench Chambers & Heat Recovery Systems.

Koch Glitsch, LP:
Koch-Otto York Group:

Demister™, Flexichevron™, Flexi-Fiber™ Mist Eliminators.
Coalex™, KY-Flex™ & KY-Mesh™ Liquid-Liquid Media.  Separation Design & Revamps for Mist Elimination and Liquid-Liquid Coalescing Applications.

National Turbine Corp.:

Centrifugal Blowers & Exhausters, Fabricated Steel & Cast Iron.
Vacuum Systems - Stationary & Portable, Separators, Collectors & Pneumatic Conveying Systems.

Edwards Fiberglass, Inc.:
Containment Solutions:

Fiberglass Vertical, Horizontal, Cone Bottom, Single & Double Wall, Open & Closed Top Fiberglass Tanks.
Above Ground ASTM Compliant Fiberglass Shop Fabricated Tanks.
Underground Fiberglass Water Storage Tanks.

Snyder Industries, Inc.:

Cross Link (HDXLPE) & Linear (HDLPE) Polyethylene Tanks.
Industrial Vertical ASTM Closed Top, Horizontal, Cone Bottom, Open Top, Single & Double Wall Tanks.  Intermediate Bulk Container Totes & Bins.

Superior Steel Products:

Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel Tanks.  Rubber & Epoxy Lined Tanks. Vertical, Cone Bottom, Closed & Open Top, Horizontal, Single & Double Wall Tanks.  Pressure Vessels & Horizontal Double Wall Dike Tanks. ASME Code Stamped, API 650, AWWA, UL 142 & DOT Compliant.

Young® Industries, Inc.:

Horizontal & Twin Shaft Continuous Mixers. Multi-Port® Gravity Blenders.
Single & Double Runner Attrition Mills.  Rotary Sifters & Valves.
TransVair® Mechanical & Multi-Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems.
TransVair® Cyclone Collectors, Power Packages & Pumps.
Self-Aligning Pipe & Tube Flange Sets.  Diverter Valves & Inline Filters.
Multi-Flow Bulk Bag Unloading Frames.  Safety-Flow™ Grating.
Self-Contained Filter Bag Dump Stations & Bag Compactors.
Uni-Cage® Product Receivers & Bin Vent Filters.

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